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Discover RexerLab's range of Raman Spectrometers, designed for precision and versatility in scientific research. Our MRI and MRID Spectrometers offer modular and dual-laser capabilities for flexible, user-friendly operation. For on-the-go measurements, the GMD and GMDX provide portable solutions with macro and micro Raman capabilities, respectively. The RAMaker sets a new standard with its extensive laser source options for Raman and Photoluminescence measurements, catering to advanced research requirements. With RexerLab, enhance your analytical capabilities through innovative and adaptable spectrometry technology.


Explore RexerLab's UV-VIS & NIR Spectrometers, your solution for advanced spectral analysis in scientific and industrial applications. From the compact YSM-8101 Miniature Spectrometer with its high optical resolution, to the high-performance YSM-8104 TE-cooling series for sensitive measurements, our range caters to all your needs. Our NIR spectrometers, including the customizable YSM-8105 and YSM-8106 series, offer precision and low power consumption. With RexerLab, enhance your research capabilities with tools designed for accuracy and efficiency.

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