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MRI Spectrometer.jpg

The MRI (Micro Raman Identification) is a compact and modularized micro Raman system that is designed to enable easy laser swapping and optimization of the optical path by users. It is a versatile tool that allows for the taking of Raman measurements at flexible angles and in difficult positions.

MRID Spectrometer.jpg

The MRID (Micro Raman Identification Dual Lasers) is a microscopic Raman system that is designed to provide users with a highly reliable optical system that is easy to use, even for those without an optical background. It is built with two lasers that can be automatically switched by software, eliminating the need for users to optimize the optical path each time a different laser wavelength is used.

GMD Raman Spectrometer.jpg

The GMD is a portable Raman spectrometer designed for macro measurement applications and is suitable for Raman spectroscopy and spectroscopic analysis. It features a laser direct input light path and is available with two excitation wavelengths: 532 nm and 785 nm.

GMDX Portable Raman Spectrometer.jpg

The GMDX is a portable micro Raman spectrometer that is designed to be compact and versatile. It includes an all-in-one system with an XYZ three-axis sample stage, a 5 megapixel charge-coupled device (CCD) camera, and a 10X objective lens, which can be easily changed by the user to provide different magnifications.

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 14_edited.png

RAMaker Raman Spectrometer - a versatile tool for advanced Raman and Photoluminescence (PL) measurements. This spectrometer offers a range of laser sources at 266, 325, 355, 442, 458, 473, 488, 532, 633, 785, and 830 nm for Raman and LED sources for PL. Upgrade options include an InGaAs detector for NIR Raman and PL, photocounting PMT for lifetime measurement, and combined AFM or NSOM for TERS.

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