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"Raman spectroscopy: A versatile tool for chemical analysis."

On this page, you will find a collection of research papers that highlight the use and application of our micro Raman products. These products are powerful tools that are used in a variety of fields, including materials science, chemistry, and biology.


Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that allows for the identification and characterization of chemical compounds and materials. By measuring the shift in frequency of light that is scattered by a sample, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the vibrational, rotational, and other energy states of molecules in the sample.


PTT's micro Raman products are designed to provide users with the ability to perform precise and accurate measurements at the microscopic level. They are suitable for a wide range of samples, including solids, liquids, powders, thin films, pastes, gels, diamonds, and gems.


The research papers included on this page highlight the various applications and uses of our micro Raman products, including the study of chemical reactions, the characterization of materials and surfaces, and the identification of unknown compounds. We hope that these papers will provide you with a better understanding of the capabilities and potential of these products.

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