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MRI - Micro Raman Identification


Product description

Meet the innovative MRI (Micro Raman Identification) by PTT. This compact, modular micro Raman spectrometer leads the way in flexibility and precision. Easy laser swaps for different wavelengths and user-friendly optical path adjustments set this system apart. Holding Taiwan invention patents (I570402, I593953) and a US utility patent (US 10,247,674 B2), MRI enables versatile Raman measurements in challenging positions.

Micro Raman Identification
MRI redefines Raman spectroscopy with its precision and adaptability. It boasts an advanced Raman mapping feature, thanks to its XY motorized stage offering sizes from 75 X 50 mm to 100 X 100 mm. Achieving resolutions down to 0.01 μm in XY and 0.002 μm in Z directions, the system adapts to sample weight, perfect for diverse applications from research to quality control.

Moreover, MRI offers meticulous control over laser power. Users can adjust RGB Lasersystems power in 1 mW/step increments, courtesy of software controls. Additionally, a software-managed variable neutral density filter fine-tunes laser intensity with unmatched precision. These features ensure the laser’s optimal performance for all experiments.

  • Excitation Source Wavelengths: 375 nm, 405 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm, 808 nm

  • Laser Power: Up to 120 mW, depending on the wavelength

  • Raman Shift Range: 79~5400 cm-1, varying by laser source

  • Resolution: As precise as ~1.1 nm to 4.3 cm-1, based on excitation source

Dual Wavelength acquisition.jpg

Optional Features

Advanced Raman mapping feature, with the XY motorized stage

Advanced Raman mapping feature, with the XY

motorized stage

• 75 X 50 mm or 100 X 100 mm

• Resolution 0.01 μm (smallest step size)@XY

• Resolution typical 0,002 μm @Z

• Depend on the weight of sample

MRI Raman option.jpg
MRI Raman Software.jpg

ND control : User-input & frequentiy used transmission 

ND filter.jpg
laser control.jpg

Laser power output could be directly controlled by software, at 1 mW/step for RGB Laser systems, one of the major laser brands used in MRID. In addition, laser power could be reduced by a round continuously variable neutral density filter (O.D 2.0~0.04) that is also controlled by software with high precision.

ND control

User-input & frequentiy used transmission 

Laser control

User input,1mW/step

Adjustable optical path for optimization

Adjustable Optical Path.jpg
Flexible Angle Measurement.jpg

Measurements at flexible angles

4-Point Probe / Temperature Control

• Vacuum temperature control -196 ~ 350/600℃

• Heating stage up to 1500℃

• Four-point probe measurements

4 point probe and temperature controller.jpg
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