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Micro Raman/PL/TR-PL Spectrometer

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Product description

Introducing RAMaker Raman Spectrometer - a versatile tool for advanced Raman and Photoluminescence (PL) measurements. This spectrometer offers a range of laser sources at 266, 325, 355, 442, 458, 473, 488, 532, 633, 785, and 830 nm for Raman and LED sources for PL.


Upgrade options include an InGaAs detector for NIR Raman and PL, photocounting PMT for lifetime measurement, and combined AFM or NSOM for TERS. The RAMaker chamber allows for adjustment of three different laser wavelengths and has the ability to add more laser sources.


The software or N.D. filter controls laser energy and a 9M pixel image CCD provides real-time image monitoring. The RAMSpec software offers a range of features including mapping, Raman shift and intensity distribution, A/B ratio, and optional dynamic analysis and trend measurement. Optional features include Micro Fluorescence lifetime measurement, Dual photoluminescence enhancement, cooling or heating stage, and polarizer.

RAMSpec Software

The RAMSpec Software offers real-time display of scanning spectra and automatically calculates the A/B ratio, intensity distribution, and Raman shift distribution. It also features a mapping function with 2D and 3D displays of the Raman signal.


The software includes optional features such as database search, dynamic analysis and trend measurement, 2D/3D display of A/B ratio, peak wavelength, absorption, penetration, user-defined parameters, and real-time display of peak position, width, and half-wave surface integral. It also allows for time-resolution spectral and colorimetric analysis and enables analysis of atoms and ion type with its search function.

Optional Features

The optional Micro Fluorescence lifetime (TCSPC) measurement option uses PicoQuant or Becker & Hickl kit, with a measurement range of 200ps to 500ns or 500ns to 1s. The PMT detector covers the range of 300-800nm while the NIR detector covers 650-1700nm. The Picosecond Pulse Laser has wavelengths of 375, 405, 440, 473, 488, and 640nm. FLIM capability will be available soon. A dual photoluminescence enhancement option is also available. An optional cooling or heating stage has a temperature range of 8K to 450K or 77K, with a heating stage capable of reaching up to 1,000K. An optional polarizer is also available.

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